web conquest

Services Contract

This service contract outlines in short, the agreement between Web Conquest and its customers. Instead of providing you with 20 pages of do's and do not's we try to keep this contract short and to the point. Making use of our services means you have read and understood and agreed to abide by what is written in this contract.


We do our best to serve you as good as we possibly can. Though no one likes it if a server breaks down or things go wrong, it still can happen. We will work hard at preventing this, and if it happens we'll try to get everything back up in the air as quickly as possible. We accept no responsibility for any losses you may have as a result of your site not being accessible or otherwise performing less than what you would expect. We value you as a customer and would like to do repeat business with you... that is where we make money from, not from screwing you over.

Customer responsibilities

We run a business and do not live on fresh air alone. Signing up for service through us means you get to pay for it. Please pay the agreed upon amounts in time.

You are provided with access to a powerful machine and connection. Don't abuse it. This means, do not use it to attack others on the internet, don't give your password out to half the world, do not run IRC related things on it, etc. etc.

What you put on your site is not of our direct concern. You are free to utilise your webspace as you see fit, provided it does not conflict with any US laws. Web Conquest fully cooperates with law enforcement agencies when and if needed.

Do not spam. Don't send email to people you don't know to sell them stuff. Even if you do not make use of our facilities to spam, but one of the sites you host with us is advertised in the spam, you still lose.

You get what you pay for. If you use more than that what you pay for, you might be charged extra for the additional bandwidth / disk space / cpu usage etc. We'll not smack a super high price on them, but there is no such thing as a free lunch.

Most importantly of all: use your common sense! If you have no common sense, contact us first at support@webconquest.com before doing anything. We'll tell you if you can or not.


Failing to comply with any of the above mentioned stipulations can result in the immediate suspension or cancellation of your account. A refund is not guaranteed.